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Why use Black Cat Design?

Black Cat Design has emerged from twelve years of design and marketing experience. This enables us to offer clients a comprehensive service. “Not much different than any other design and marketing agency”, I hear you say? Rather than being a 'Jack of all trades', Black Cat Design offers specialists to provide you with the service you deserve.


My Studio is busy and I am a team member down, what can I do?

Black Cat Design can help. We offer stand-in or freelance cover to clients needing help in their own studios.


But you’re a potential competitor?

Yes - but Black Cat Design treat our studio clients with the same discretion and professionalism as we do our own clients. Why burn bridges when you can build them?


Why should I use an agency? I'll lose control, and they're too expensive.

Agencies on the whole are not as expensive as you might think. At Black Cat Design though, we acknowledge that it isn't always practical to use a design agency, and so have come up with a solution: we offers in-house training for those trying to keep outsourcing costs to a minimum, including those wishing to look at new systems and ways of producing marketing literature.


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