Image and why we need it as a business

Corporate image is becoming more and more important in today's business world. This can be attributed to two major contributing factors; the very competitive nature of the various sectors in industry, and the saturation of imagery/branding in the consumer's eye. This in itself backs up the theory of semiology.

First published in 1916, Saussure postulated in his Course in General Linguistics, the existence of a general science of signs, or Semiology, of which linguistics would form only one part. There is at present a demand for semiology, stemming not from the fads of a few scholars, but from the very history of the modern world.

As a general description, semiology is the relationship between the item we see, the spoken or written name of that item, and the iconic representation of that item. This is called Semiology; as apposed to a specific iconic relationship which is referred to as a semiotic.

Why is this relevant to 'Corporate Image'? In today's society marketiers have consciously or subconsciously been pushing product branding so hard that people are building relationships between company or product logos, the company name or brand, and the product itself; ultimately endorsing Saussure's proposition.

Obvious examples of these are: Nescafe for coffee; Kellogg's for cornflakes; Coca Cola for fizzy soft drinks; and Nike for sportswear. Whilst Nescafe, Kellogg's and Coca Cola have subtly evolved their brands into undisputed icons through the years; Nike's stylised type was their logo a lot earlier than people remember. The introduction of the tick came about comparatively recently, and has since had a stronger impression on the consumer.

If you ask a nominal amount of people "what does the Nike logo look like?" for example, the majority would reference the tick. This is simply because many people find it easier to remember what they have seen, than what they have been told or have read.

These examples highlight the power of Corporate Image, and show how important it really is. Let Black Cat Design help you make the most of your imagery.


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