Invest in your team, your business...

Quite often staff are seen as a large cost, and therefore when things get tough, as they naturally do from time to time, we lay them off. However if businesses were able to invest in the their staff in a way that people's strengths and weaknesses complimented one another, the workforce would not only work better as a team but would also become more productive - making a real difference to the bottom line.

This is where Black Cat Design can help. We offer consultation and in-house design for print courses in the use of professional software such as 'Quark Xpress, Indesign, Illustrator, Freehand and Photoshop. The courses are aimed at companies wanting to introduce a design or desktop publishing department into their organisation, as well as those business that already have a design or DTP department and are merely wish to top up their knowledge and/or make a migration from one software package to another.

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